Photo by: Joe Zakko

Alejandro is a multifaceted filmmaker, photographer, and project manager who is skilled in all stages from conceptualization, preproduction, production, postproduction, and to final delivery.  He began his career in San Diego, CA writing, producing, shooting, and directing music videos and short films while attending San Diego State University where he developed skills as a writer, director, cinematographer, editor, and producer.  Ultimately, he attended New York University’s Graduate Film Program to further advance his expertise in his craft.  Alejandro currently works freelance in the film and television industry.

• Recipient of The Jeff Lima Production Award, 2021
• Recipient of NALIP's Emerging Content Creators Scholarship for Directors, 2020
• Recipient of The Martin E. Segal Film Post-production Fund award, 2020
• Recipient of The Dennis Riese Film Post-production Fund award, 2020
• First Run Film Festival: Recipient of Craft Award for Best Cinematography - Palm Trees and Power Lines, 2019
• First Run Film Festival: Recipient of Craft Award for Best Cinematography - K.I.N.G, 2019
• Finalist for Arri Volker Bahnemann Award for Outstanding Cinematography, 2018
• Recipient of The Fusion and The National Hispanic Foundation for The Arts Filmmaking Grant, 2017
Wasserman Scholar, 2015 - 2017

Jamie Dack, Raines Plambeck, Ria Tobaccowala, Jeff Verlanic, Lin Que Ayoung, Lauren Owen, Gavin Filipiak, Konstantinos Sampanis, Malu Carmona, Jeffrey Lamont Brown, Maria Altamirano, Alan Wu, Joseph Mangat, Mamadou Dia, Rachel Woods, David Stein, Blaise O' Dell, Nicholas Colia, Max Rissman, Caroline Boyd, Anders N. Berg, Trevor Jensen, Tim Delaney, Kristian King, Rashad Frett, Shiyu Li, Abigail Tulis, Daliso Leslie, Simon Benjamin, Kenan Baysal, Hasan Hadi, Joseph Longo, Will Pinke, Christina Yoon, Alexander Yarber, Swetha Regunathan, Peter Forbes, Samuel Grandchamp, Jonathan Hanson, Taha Long, Raven Jackson, Marco Calvani, Rebecca O'Neil, Edgar Obrand, Ashley Czerniewski, Shal Ngo, Naoki Wada, Kevin Kittle, Jackie Dow, Matthew Morris, Lucas Acher, Alia Carita, Julian Joseph 

Short Films
Life After, Desesperacion, Butte Bangs, Exit, Pubes, Corazon Dormido, Salt Water, Starring Roman, Container, Doughnut, Kaleidoscope, Driver Wanted, Las Mujeres de las Rosas, SIX FEET DEEP, Boundaries, Blue Jeans, Inside Whitehead, Mirror Image, The XX's, A Lovely Surprise, Graveyard Terror, Morning After, Ave Maria, La Tamalada, Taco Vida, K.I.N.G., Mom, The Cure, The Silent Hero, White Wedding, The Masterpiece, The Swimsuit, I am Thomas Cain, I Await The Devil's Coming, Family Heirloom, Where We Go, Backyard, Forever Tonight, Love Odyssey, User Zero, The Wood Thrush, Hey, Night, Palm Trees and Power Lines, A Better Half, Sparks Lampini, Rearing, Morris Code, Death & Taxes, Where the Insects Hide at Night, Orange Blossom, STAIN

2nd Unit DP
Premature (Feature)

Camera Op
What Happened at Fells Acres? (HBO Documentary)
Murder at Carter County Mines (HBO Documentary)

Music Videos
Prayers feat. Travis Barker - Young Gods, Prayers - Gothic Summer, Prayers - 
1913, Kitten - I Did It, Kitten - Pink Champagne, Kitten - Strange Embrace,  Alive and Well - No Winter in the West, Boxdox - Diggin' Like Dale, Mischif - Blazin', Mike Ault feat. Crysta - I Can Be, Tha Anthem - I AM, Cutoff Man - Che Cafe, Ken Ueno - Don't Cry, Aloha, Camille Trust - Lose You, Alive and Well - 259 Park Drive, Emily Jackson - Oh Mother

Commercials/Branded Content/Documentaries
Sam Adam's Sunday Football, ¡Por Dios!, Pup Protector, Imperfection Rocket Pure, White Privilege Glasses, Bar West, OAL Rasta, Turquoise Mountain, Ever After, Afropunk, Tattoodo - Under the Skin, Wellness Complete Health, Unconquered - Nike, Hodinkee / IWC - The Pilot's Journey, Thrillist - Cornbread and Conversations, Target - Celebrate, Microsoft 365 - Mr. Flower Fantastic, Memories - Sony, Be The Match, Redefining Success - Google, Voice of a Visionary - Cohen's Fashion Optical, Target - Welcome To, Art Outside, Now and Forever, Cantina La Martina
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